Hotstone Massage   


Hot stone massage is, as the name suggests, a massage with warm stones. This massage technique is not uncommon but was already known by the ancient Greek civilization, the Romans and Indians.


The Greeks and Romans already used heated stones in the bathhouses and treatment rooms (palaestras). The massage technique was used for muscle pain and injuries of athletes and gladiators. 


The Indians believe that the stones are formed by the four elements: earth, wind, water & fire, and derive their powers from this. Due to the volcanic origin of the stones (lava stone), they contain a high content of iron & magnesium and therefore retain heat for longer than normal stones. According to the Indians, the stones have a detoxifying, relaxing effect and have a strong magnetic force that releases new energy to the body.

In the meantime, the hot stone technique has returned to Western society, and these massage techniques are given in saunas, wellness centres, massage practices, etc. In this massage, the stones are heated to a temperature of approximately 45 degrees. The heat from the stones gives a deeply relaxing effect on the muscles.

The thermodynamics (combination of heat and movement) makes the massage work more intensively in the muscle tissue. The heat emitted by the stones gives a sense of security.

The hot stone massage is particularly recommended for stress, muscle problems, fatigue, joint problems, etc.

A hot stone massage is a wonderful gift to yourself or to give to someone else.